For as long as I can remember,  reading has always been one of my favorite activities. As a child, I had my books taken away as a punishment since they meant more to me than being grounded. Nowadays, I work at a bookstore. This means a significant discount and access to free books. I can even borrow books if I want to.

Today I have 50 books in my possession that I need to read. Just sitting in my room. I’ll get to them eventually. But I always have the urge to get more. Books, books, books. For this reason, I also have wanted to be an author. To be important to kids (and adults) like me who just want to get lost in a book as often as possible. One day, I will write. Maybe even publish. Hopefully make a living involving my 3 favorite things :writing, books, and history. For now, I will continue to collect and read heinous amounts of literature.